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Display Rules for Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is displayed on a given day when a database record for the content exists, has a current date, and is flagged "Approved." If more than one record shares the same placement key and valid date, one record will be chosen at random with each page view. For example, if there are three authorized top banner entries in the database for January 1, then each time the page is requested, the database will choose at random which banner to show. It may show the same banner on three refreshes in a row, or it may show a different banner on each refresh.

The DMS Data Entry Form

Sponsor name: name of sponsor, either GearGoddess or a paying sponsor
Tracking name: a unique string that defines the entry well enough to recognize it on a report, such as GG_goddesstip_cycling_September
Sponsor URL: the URL of the sponsor; /Home.html or http://[sponsorurl] for offsite URLs
Test sponsor URL: use this button to ensure that the sponsor URL is valid without actually generating a trackable, sponsored hit to that URL
Existing keys: the placement keys that have been used in the past
Placement key: type the placement key here (OK whether the key is on the existing-keys list or not)
Start date: enter a date or use "any start date" button to indicate a date previous to the current date
Expiration date: enter a day or use "any expiration date" button to indicate a date in the distant future
Approved: Y or N. This allows you to enter records with appropriate start date but hide them, if necessary. A Y, combined with current dates, is necessary for display.
Image URL: the image can be on the GG site or elsewhere. Example URLs: /Images/dynamic/logos/logo_qs.gif and http://www.best.com/Images/dynamic/logos/logo_qs.gif
Image sample window: Use this button to ensure that the image URL is valid without actually generating a trackable, sponsored hit to that URL.
Target URL: the URL of the target page. A list of target URLs associated with placement keys is included at the bottom of every data entry page. Examples include: /dynamic/goddess_tip_cycling.html and /sponsored/running/article.html?article_name=si_avia.
Test target URL: tests that the URL is available and allows you to see the content displayed after the record has been saved without actually generating a trackable, sponsored hit to that URL
Caption: a short string. This may display in the plug and/or on the target page. See the descriptions of specific sponsored elements for details.
Text: the text of the target content. You may use HTML tagging. The character limit is 3000.
Logged IP: logged by DMS
Update time: logged by DMS

Data Entry Page Requirements and Features

In addition to sponsor name and URL information, a database entry must contain at least one of the following:

  • An image
  • A caption
  • Text (this will only be the case for Alternate Right Channel Placements)

Once the record is saved, the target-URL test function is available. In addition, after the DMS entry field, the plug page URL and target page URL are listed and linked, and can be used for previewing. At the bottom of the DMS entry page are the contents of a file that lists all the placement keys, their locations, and their targets.

Instructions for Specific Dynamic Elements

Truly dynamic sponsored content:

Dynamic elements that require static content:

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This is a mirror of documentation used internally at GearGoddess in 2000. [IE renders the "hockey stick" quite smoothly and was not unique in that respect in 2000.]