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Using Dynamic Elements on the GearGoddess Web Site

This manual contains:

Dynamic Elements

Dynamic elements are elements whose existence and content are determined entirely by a database entry. One example is product pages. GearGoddess can add product pages at will by entering their content into the database. The new dynamic-element suite - for sponsored content - has additional features:

  • Each database entry includes dates.
  • Each link created by the database entry includes a "tracking string" that makes it unique.

The tracking string is the main feature that distinguishes sponsored content from other dynamic content on the GearGoddess Web site. The tracking system coded into the sponsored elements makes each use of each link unique. This enables close tracking of the use of these links, for revenue and research purposes. This also means that the links always display in the designated color for links that have yet to be followed. Since the link gets a unique tracking number every time it is followed, it is never really considered "followed" by the browser.

Dynamic Content vs Static Content That Is Requested Dynamically

The new dynamic-element suite includes some targets that are truly dynamic (all the content is entered into the database) and some that are a combination of static and dynamic content (a database entry complements and "activates" a static page, whose URL is included in the database entry).

Truly dynamic sponsored content:

  • Home Page Top Banner
  • Page Sponsor - Sport Category Page and Polls Answer Page
  • Goddess Tips
  • Gear Calendar entries
  • AstroAlert
  • Featured Partners
  • The Inside Scoop
  • Win Free Gear - Sweepstakes Button
  • Alternate Right Channel Placements

Dynamic elements that require static content:

  • Featured Products
  • Athlete's Corner
  • Sponsored Info
  • Sponsored Events

Truly dynamic sponsored content can be entered and altered at any time. Since display relies on an authorization field and valid dates, dozens of entries for a single placement key (which defines where the content shows up) can be entered on one day, to display on the correct days over time.

Truly dynamic sponsored content includes elements that require a single image. The image is not entered directly into the database, but it need not be stored within the live GearGoddess site. GearGoddess has space at www.best.com to host images.

Dynamic elements that require static content can be entered into the DMS at any time, but the content must first exist on the Web site server. The static part of the content (the article information) must be produced as other editorial content (such as features or buying guides) and promoted to the live site before it can be made available by a DMS entry.

On to The DMS Data Entry Form - General Information, which includes links to directions for specific sponsored elements

On to Links to the live GearGoddess site and the GearGoddess staging server at Bear River

This is a mirror of documentation used internally at GearGoddess in 2000. [IE renders the "hockey stick" quite smoothly and was not unique in that respect in 2000.]