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The Web knows all, but use a search engine, and you get thousands of hits -- a lot of which turn out to be misses. The 60-Minute Intellectual recommends books, gives brief synopses of controversial issues, and show you some of more helpful or interesting -- and relevant -- spots on the Web.

Francis Galton, (b 1882, d 1911), cousin of Charles Darwin and author of an 1869 book called Hereditary Genius It's not just the stuff of brave new worlds and concentration camps. Eugenics has fascinated people in the United States and England for more than a hundred years and still comes up today in discussions of abortion and the Human Genome Project.
Links About Eugenics: Some History and Some Opinion
A breast implant is often inserted between the muscle layer on the chest and the fatty tissue of the breast. Take some sick women, a controversial plastic surgery, some experts that can't agree, and whole lotta lawyers, and what do you get? An FDA ban, a shocking clash between science and the legal system, and at least one multimillion-dollar medical device company in bankruptcy.
The Breast Implant Controversy: A Snapshot in Documents and Pointers
THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE Hysterical epidemics rely on media dissemination both for the consistency of the symptoms displayed by their sufferers and, at least to some extent, for the recruitment of sufferers. Enter the Internet.
Site Sampler: Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alien Abduction, Multiple Personality Syndrome, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Recovered Memory
THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE Medicine rose to new prominence with antibiotics, and barely 50 years later they're becoming obsolete. Is an age of viral plagues upon us? Get to know one of the scariest viruses around.
Ebola -- Books and Links
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